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    January 02, 2008



    What an absolutely beautiful post. I'll be linking from my blog.

    Thank you for helping make the world a better place by focusing on your most important job: being a dad!


    aww that's a great post. Made me think about the things I may need to do about my son and our time together.

    Jeff T

    hey wow! i'm a daddy, 2 kids, dog, cat and loving wife. i have about a million and one projects going on and i always feel compelled to DO them on the weekends. Your post is perfect. I need to step back and SEE that I too have to make changes. today (Sunday) i was counting the minutes and saying to myself. Ah how i love mondays! well i'm going through the whiny stages with our 3 yr son and our 1 yr old daughter has a 2x ear infection.

    but i need to make some changes too! I'm going to trackback/link from my daddy blog that I'm trying to get going.

    Hands-Free Heart

    Beautiful... what every child wishes for and needs in a Dad.


    Wow - this is a wonderful post, and great reminder to all of us who are busy filling out resolution lists with silly things like making more money...

    Thanks for such a thoughtful post!


    I happened to Stumble onto this post. As I read it I could feel my eyes welling up - you have succinctly "nailed it". I committed 6 years ago when my first child was born that nothing would stand between her and I. Since then I've been blessed with two more and my commitment has only intensified. I take as much time off from work as I can, and when the children are sick, I take the time off. These are our most precious gifts and we need to treasure them while they are around. God Bless.

    Ann S.

    Thank you for reminding us whats its really all about. Sometimes us parents needs a timeout, to think about what we have done! Welcome back!!!!!!!

    Gary McAllister

    Thank you for a beautiful post. It's really reminded me of the important things.


    Suck it up and be a man. Weak people need false idols to crutch that weary body from the train. Besides, only failures need a New Year's Eve
    resolution because their behavior always needs excuses. You wouldn't need to make one if you stood up in the first place.


    What lucky children you have! Lucky in the fact that you are willing to make a positive change in their lives. Good for you! Mind if I forward this post to MY hubby?


    Thank you for inspiring me to make a change and enjoy my 2 children more.


    Just over a year ago my wife died from ovarian cancer and left me with our two year old son. I identify strongly with this post, as it's just me and him now, and it's up to me and me alone to care for him and make sure he knows he's loved.

    Thank you for posting this.

    Sarah R.

    Though I am not a father, I live with one. Your words have much wisdom and are a beautiful reminder of just how important it is to slow down and enjoy the fleeting moments we have with those gifts God sent us. Thanks for sharing it here. :)


    I wish you were my daddy!


    For a single mom, struggling with the daily difficulties of parenting and putting bread on the table, your words are an inspiration. You have filled my heart with courage and shown me how much can be missed when we succumb to our personal problems and forget how quickly life flies by and how swiftly our little ones grow up.


    I am a 53 year old grandmother raising 4 of my grandchildren, girls ages 14,13, 3 and a boy age 6. I love your new years resolution. Reading it brought tears to my eyes.
    I am a one year cancer surviver! And a close friend of mine brought it to my attention reciently, that the children are what brought me this far: he said that they are full of energy and love for me, and that it does not matter who is around or what I am doing, if they come to me with a need for a hug, or attention... that is what I give them. I am surrounded by their love and positive energies...and he said that I just take it all in and that is what has healed me. He may have a point. Thanks for your resolution. I love it. I am going to see that my son who is a new father gets to read it.

    Deb (Missives From Suburbia)

    I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to link to this from my blog. It's lovely, and it's a good reminder for all parents, everywhere.

    Deb (Missives From Suburbia)

    I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to link to this from my blog. It's lovely, and it's a good reminder for all parents, everywhere.


    This post is so moving. I'm going to add you to my blogroll. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog.


    Aahhh geez. Now I've got a toddler tugging at my leg asking me why I'm crying.

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Quirkee James

    Loved this post! This is my first time here and I arived via Missives from Suburbia. I'll be back!



    This might very well be the most true and beautiful post I have ever read. Shame on anyone who puts you or it down. I am going to link you on my blogroll, and print this out right now and go read it to my hubby.
    Thank you. Your child is blessed to have you as a daddy.

    Steph (Chronicles of Minnesota)

    This is beautiful and inspiring. It's important for dads (and moms) to remember. Thanks for sharing it, and I'd love to add you to my blog list. Thanks!


    A beautiful and touching reminder of what is important in life.


    Dang it, you made me cry.

    That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

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