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    February 24, 2008



    What a cute blog!! I've also tried the visualization stuff.. and I end up waking up to some sort of food all over the floor, markers all over my furniture, and some juice or water all over the table... See visualizing things while toddler twins are running through the house is probably not as good of an idea as they make it out to be... Good luck! Sorry to hear about the water heater..


    I enjoyed reading your blog. While I want to disagree on some of your thoughts, life is different for different people.

    I, too, was a believer.

    The concept of "Positive thinking" was introduced to me by the book The Secret...at first I didn't believe that whatever the mind expects, it finds...if not for the depression I experienced some 2 yrs back, I wouldn't realize how REAL "positive thinking" is! As I look back on my worst times, I wonder why was I so upset at that time cos now everything seems so trivial....
    I couldn't thank the book enough for making a BIG difference in my life!

    Dream. Believe. Survive.


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